Content Management Systems

A content management system platforms are great foundations for building websites that require lots of information and more than one user, in fact multiple users can edit information on a content management system.

You’re probably familiar or will have heard of WordPress, this is just one platform for building a CMS website.  Other popular systems include;

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • DotNetNuke
  • Open CMS
  • ModX
  • Moodle

and there are many more, for a full list view this Wikipedia Page


Why use CMS

There are some great advantages to using a content management system.  If you need different departments in your organisation to have access to the administration panel and input data or create new pages, a CMS platform is ideal.  If you need to create users with different access levels such as adminsitrator, editor, moderator, again CMS platforms are great for this.

Built Around Your Needs

We build CMS websites built around the needs of your business, whether it needs to be Joomla, WordPress, Concrete 5, Drupal or one of the many other popular packages we can advise on what works and would suit your business needs.

The content management systems we build will have you and your users in mind, they will be setup with master user details, so you have full control and varying levels of access can be implemented to ensure your staff only have access to areas of the website administration panel that you want them to have access to.