Pay Per Click Management Services

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So, you really want to drive traffic to your website or landing page?

Sometimes SEO is just not enough and you have to advertise, it’s a very competitive marketing out there and sometimes you need to be doing more than your competitors to attract business, you may need Pay Per Click Management Services to enhance your websites presence.

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way of reaching people online, we can be specific on how we target potential customers by selecting keywords that relate to your business, service or product.  It’s also just as important to filter out the traffic you don’t need by choosing negative keywords just as wisely.

Why not talk to us about Per Per Click advertising, ask how it works and we will happily explain the principles and manage your PPC campaign.

We’ll even show you how conversion tracking works as we want your campaigns to be successful and very profitable.

Keyword Terms used in Pay Per Click


There are four main types of Keyword search you need to consider when setting up a PPC advertising compaign these are;

  • Exact Search
  • Phrase Search
  • Broad Match
  • Modified Broad Match
  • Negatives

Exact Keywords

Exact Keywords is as simple as it sounds, it means selecting keywords that users will search for, the keyword term would represent exactly what you would expect the user to type into a search box ie. How To Tie A Windsor knot.

Based on the users search above, simply using ‘Windsor knot’ would not provide any results, they keyword term would have to be entered exactly the same as you would expect the user to enter it.


A Phrase Keyword is a search term you would expect to find in part of a user’s search for example a phrase search could be ‘Black Boots’ this search keyword would also find search by users looking for any of the following;

  • Size 10 Black Boots
  • Laces for Black Boots
  • Black Boots in Liverpool
  • Where can I buy Black Boots in Size 10

All of these searches would be picked up by this particular keyword phrase as Black Boots appears in each of the searches, it would not pick up a users search for ‘I want black shoes’ as this does not contain the full phrase.

Broad Match Search

Broad Match Searches are used for casting a bigger net with your adverts.  Basically the search terms are used far more loosely and any word in the keywords chosen to be used for the broad match can bring up search results irrespective of other words within the group.

For Example: low-carb diet plan

Using the above keyword choice could well display your ads for the following search terms….

  • carb-free foods
  • low-carb diets
  • low calorie recipes
  • Mediterranean diet plans
  • low-carbohydrate dietary programme

Each of the search terms above has one of the keywords used in the chosen broad match search keyword selection.

Modified Broad Match Search

This type of search enables you to cast a wider net but generally the CPC (Cost Per Click) is higher.

Example Keyword choice: +Black +Stilletto +Pointed

This would potentially place your add when anyone places a search containing all three key words, therefore the following searches would be relative and potentially show your ad to the user.

  • Pointed Black Stilletto
  • Ladies Pointed Black Stilletto
  • Pointed Stilletto in Black with Gold Band
  • Size 6 Pointed Stilletto in gold with black band

Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are a selection of keywords that you do not wish your ad to display against.  They can be used across the entire PPC campaign or used within specific modified broad match searches.