What We Do…

We work in the digital world, designing websites for small and medium businesses.  Our goal is to work with our clients and listen to what they have to say.  Understanding their business and their objectives is key to building a website that fits the need of the business.


Boosting Website Visibility

In addition to web design, we also offer SEO & PPC click services.  Your Website is after all your shop window, a place for information and resources to your clients, but if no one can find the website, then it won’t do you any good.  We aim to change that and are happy to discuss with you how we can improve the performance of your website.



Is your website counting visitors?  We have come across many website that don’t make good use or any use for that matter regarding analytics.  Analytics is the monitoring of website traffic and the ability to present the findings into useful data.  Making good use of data can lead to a better understanding of your website visitors, an overall understanding of your online customers and an insight to what people are viewing on your website.  All this helps to make improvements for the future and we can help setup analytic tracking on your website.


Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring your website is optimised for the searches you want to be found for……



Pay Per Click (Adwords)

Search Ads based on Google Adwords and Bing Ads……



We can also help with the following

Moving a Website from One Server to Another
Arranging Hosting
WordPress Training (One to One)
WordPress Plugin Setup
& Lots More…..

 Web Design

We may be a new company, but we have almost ten years experience creating hobby and commercial websites.  eCommerce, Hobby, Lead Generation, Sole Trader, we’ve plenty of work for plenty of satisfied clients.

What started out as a hobby, has now become a limited company registered for Data Protection with the Information Commissioner’.s Office


We also build Content Management System Websites (CMS), these website can be scaled to suit, with as many users as required, setting varying access levels to each user.  In other words you can have a website that different departments within your company can have access too, these departments can then add and manage their own section of the website.  This type of control is ideal for large corporate organisations, council, education establishments and more.


Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO for short is an ongoing requirements with todays websites.  If your looking to be found on the internet against all the competition then good SEO tactics are called for.  

Understanding how search engines work, how they read your website and what influences the way your website is positioned within a search engines directory are key elements to understanding how to get the best positioning for your website.  We can assist you with your website SEO needs.


Sometimes SEO is just not enough, if you operate in a very competitive market then perhaps you need to employ a Pay Per Click (PPC) system.  Pay Per Click campaigns enabme you to place adverts that appear during user searches, Google Ads for example appear as the four top listings on search pages, they also appear as the four bottom listings too.  Talk to us about PPC campaigns for your business.

 Social Media

 Business Listings


Cloud Apps